Accelerating Change
Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
We inspire your people to become the catalysts for accelerating change in your organization through exceptional team building activities.

Are you all too familiar with these situations?
  • Our organization experiences so much resistance to change. How can we manage this resistance and accelerate change?
  • Our organization is undergoing an ERP installation. How can we bring together our organizations' people, processes and technology? Can team building help with this?
  • The top-level leaders of our organization have created a new vision for the new millennium. What can we do to create buy-in at all levels for our new future?
  • We are always trying to be ahead of our competition with the latest and greatest. What can we do to continually generate fresh, new and creative ideas to keep our organization ahead of the rest?
  • Our divisions, departments and regions don't always respond in-sync. How can we create tight links so that we can change course without suffering whiplash?
Within every stage of an organization's transformation, all employees must be committed to the overall vision for outstanding results to occur. Any part of a change process requires dedicated and motivated individuals and teams to make things happen. Our leading team building activities can help.

Executive Edge will help you lead and accelerate positive change by motivating teams and individuals to take responsibility for making things happen, and by generating buy-in and engaging people at all levels. We will increase your organization's spontaneity and depth of learning with hands-on team building activities, allowing you to experience opportunities to practice "change" behaviors in a safe "micro-world" environment. We will also help you to build teamwork, team building, rapport, empathy and trust among employees, thereby accelerating and enriching the entire change process. Team building can improve the efficiency and the environment of your office.

Using both Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Experiential Learning, we encourage you to discover the "pockets of excellence" which exist in your organization and build on them to effectively lead change processes.

Everyone involved with our team building activities can become the catalyst for rapid change!