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Stranded, a million miles from nowhere. Will your team be able to "Survive"?

Imagine a number of tribes stranded on a tropical island. In order to "Survive", the tribes face challenges including retrieving eggs from Eagles nests, eating tropical critters, worshiping sacred idols and creating distress signals to attract rescue planes. Groups rotate through these challenges earning points for their successes. The team building event culminates in a tribal awards ceremony

This team building promram, "Team Survivor", provides unique group problem solving opportunities and fun team challenges which develop communication skills, and build relationships.

A success every time!
Team Building: Build Team Spirit & Teamwork Skills
Relationship Building: Form positive connections between co-workers
Entertaining: Share fun & interactive, team based experiences
Team Creativity, Problem Solving & Decision Making
Safe, Engaging, Fun & Challenging
Appropriate for all physical abilities
All weather guarantee - portable challenges are outdoor or indoor ready

 Ideal Site:
Outdoors: Flat space with shade available
Indoors: Large open space with ceilings at least 15' high

 Common Applications:
Annual Meetings
Conference Breaks
Incentive Events
Parties & Celebrations
Sales Meetings
Team Kick-Starts/Re-Starts

 Program Length:
4 - 6 Hours

 Group Size:
Any Size