Rising Stars
Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
Not only are the best candidates difficult to attract and retain, but their transition into a new work environment also has its ups and downs. In this powerful learning experience, new recruits translate key teamwork, leadership and interpersonal lessons directly to their work or school environment.

Team members learn reliance upon others, cooperation, group creativity, problem solving and decision making to carry their team to new heights of performance.

Transported into outer space, participants warp their team to distant galaxies through the "Worm Hole", take a "Space Walk", transport human cargo with "Celestial Express™", decode alien messages, and operate on Aliens and more - All in just a few short hours!

With a 5 year track record of success - Rising Stars is a stellar team building event!
Relationship Building: strengthen key relationships
Team Building: Learn and practice valuable teamwork, decision making and team leadership skills
Personal Leadership: Experience how personal contributions affect team performance
Personal Growth: Create individual action plans for performance improvement
Safe, Engaging, Fun & Challenging
Appropriate for all physical abilities
All weather guarantee - portable challenges are outdoor or indoor ready

 Ideal Site:
Outdoors: Flat space with shade available
Indoors: Large open space with ceilings at least 15' high

 Common Applications:
Graduate Development
Leadership Retreats
MBA Orientations
New Hire Orientations
Recruiting Events
Relationship Development
Team Building

 Program Length:
4 - 6 Hours

 Group Size:
Minimum: 15
Maximum: 1000