Case Studies
Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
As a courtesy to our customers we have withheld the names of companies. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining detailed references.

Strategic Realignment
Fortune 500 Polymers Company Gorge Park, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 140 Participants

This 1/2-day experiential learning program focused on strategic visioning and leadership development for the executive leadership team of a $2.3 B MNC. The experience reflected the company's movement from a functional organizational structure comprised of autonomous business units to a heavily matrixed market-team structure.

  • A team of experienced facilitators engaged 140 top executives in activities designed to explore and define Core Corporate Values that contribute to Customer Focused Action.
  • In small "Business Teams", participants shared knowledge and other resources across several teams using available technology.
  • By leveraging program materials and utilizing our highly skilled, efficient design team, we have been able to champion the "just-in-time" program, making it possible to design and deliver this very successful program with minimal lead-time.
Recruiting Event
Big Five Consulting Firm- National Recruiting, AABS & Tax Disney World, Orlando, Florida 1,000 Participants

A leadership development program for Summer Interns with job offers from the firm. Interns have an opportunity to develop and practice leadership and teamwork skills, share knowledge and acquire resources for positive career development. This event enhances the firms recruiting efforts, dramatically increasing intern quality and job acceptance rate.

  • A first in the field of experiential learning, this program provides individualized learning to 1,000 participants through a cost-effective facilitator to intern ratio of 1:8! Our exclusive self-facilitating learning process, including our copyrighted Self-Facilitated Experiential Learning Process, made this cost saving approach possible.
  • Customized portable challenges reflecting the conferences' "outer space" theme include: Celestial Express™, Space Walk™, Alien Autopsy™, The Worm Hole™ and a culminating exercise Rising Stars Rocket Launch.
  • Our 8th delivery of this event will be in August of 2004
ERP Software Implementation, Bridging Functional Silos
Big Five Management Consulting Firm- IT Services Group and Finance Group The Lawrenceville School, Princeton, New Jersey 70 participants

A two-day program with long-term follow through, bridges the functional and cultural differences that contribute to workplace ineffectiveness between functional silos in an ERP installation. Designed to build a more collaborative culture and bridge the gap between Information and Technology Services and Finance groups through creating a horizontal communication structure.

  • Integrated experiential activities with Appreciative Inquiry, to accelerate the process of discovering the best of what exists in their organization in order to maximize their potential, and to cascade the vision and principals of a collectively desired future throughout the organization.
  • The culminating activity was a customized portable ropes course event that involved four participants climbing at one time. Each climbing team had a different set of guidelines and found that they could only be successful by creating an interdependent system.
Executive Entry Orientation
Big Five Management Consulting Firm- Consulting Services Desert Environment: Scottsdale, Arizona and Tucson, Arizona Mountain Environment: Aspen, Colorado and Colorado Springs, Colorado 30 participants per delivery

A one-day performance enhancement training designed as a metaphor for many of the challenges newly hired Partners and Senior Managers may face in their first year at the firm. Team members continually monitor and improve communication, leadership, decision-making, and customer value management skills.

  • Kick-starts 4 six- person teams into a high performing state throughout the entire 6-day classroom training program.
  • Teams make strategic decisions, manage client demands, and utilize a central "business knowledge center", all while moving among simulated client engagements.
  • Teams use Map & Compass to navigate from initiative to initiative. Upon successful completion of each initiative, teams receive critical success factors-the keys to solving a culminating, group puzzle (our patented Success Gate™) at program end.
  • Includes original high and low team challenge course elements exclusively designed for our customer. The day culminates with two portable high (climbing) events including our inflatable rock-climbing mountain (which sets up in less than an hour and allows 4 people to climb at once).
  • Our 20th delivery of the EXEL Outdoor Day is January, 1999.
Transition to Managers Training
Big Five Management Consulting Firm - Healthcare Consulting Scottsdale, San Diego, Tampa, New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Houston, Atlanta 30 participants per delivery

A half-day experiential learning program designed to increase understanding of project management, promote and encourage knowledge sharing, and recognize the need for common methodologies.

  • Kicks-off and sets the tone for a five-day managers training program. Results in an increased level of participation through the entire week.
  • Activities include: Base Camp, Map & Compass Orienteering, The Glacier (obstacle course), Mt. EverQuest (30-Ft. inflatable Rock-climbing Mountain)
  • With deliveries in 9 different cities within 14 months, this program clearly exemplifies the portable nature of our programs.
Leadership Skills Development
Big Five Management Consulting Firm - Consulting Services New York City 80 participants

Senior Managers from a Big Five Management Consulting firm were challenged to adopt a project that develops personal and team leadership competencies while contributing to the community. This Team-building for Humanity™ learning experience allowed these Senior Managers to understand leadership at a new level- how it affects the people they are managing, the future and culture of their firm and their role in serving the community.

  • Within a 24-hour period, 80 participants clothed and fed over 2,000 needy New Yorkers, prepared 25 pallets of food, clothing and medicine for Hurricane victims in Honduras, and started a non-profit foundation, to be led by the firms junior executives, for emergency relief.
  • Throughout the experience, participants used Appreciative Inquiry to identify and build on leadership strengths that inspire positive community change and contribute to the firms bottom-line. They explored different leadership styles, interviewed community leaders, and related all of this information to their ever-changing leadership roles within the firm.
Rapid Growth & ERP Installation
Big Five Management Consulting Firm- Consulting Services HR The Lawrenceville School, Princeton, New Jersey 50 participants

A Vision 20/20™ Executive Team Golf program custom-tailored to create a learning laboratory, providing opportunities for experimentation and dialogue. This extremely successful program used a unique Golf game as a learning vehicle for reflecting the challenges that the CSHR Leadership team will face in its transition to a more strategic, more closely knit and collaborative organization.

  • Held on the first afternoon of the off-site, this learning experience addressed learning objectives such as:
    • Clarifying and articulating the vision of the CSHR Leadership Team
    • Experiencing the transition from current to future state
    • Developing personal connections and building relationships
    • Understanding roles, responsibilities and expectations for working together
    • Underscoring the importance of knowledge sharing, interdependence, and communication
    • Appreciating and maximizing team resources
  • Each participant conducted an interview and then built a custom-made golf club for one of their teammates to use during the Vision 20/20™ experience, and take with them as a token of the day.
These successes are just a sample of the many programs we have designed. Please contact us to find out how we can create a program for you; built from your learning objectives, your goals, and your expected outcomes.