Recruiting & New Hire Orientations
Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
Interested in team building and employee motivation?

We accelerate the process of orienting new hires and promotions to your organization through team building games and extensive leadership development.

Are you all too familiar with these situations?
  • Once we find the best talent, we want to acclimate them to our business. What can we do to immediately integrate and orientate them into our culture?
  • It is difficult and time consuming to interview and assess skills for new hires and interns. How can we assess skills quickly and efficiently?
  • As employees move up the corporate ladder and into more challenging positions, they require specific and unique, upper level leadership development and other training. What can we do to simulate situations they may encounter and tools they can use while in these positions?
As people enter or move up in an organization, they need to become quickly acclimated to their new position and available resources. For new hires it is important to introduce and for current employees to review your organizations culture, values, vision, and mission. This could involve plenty of time, energy and money. Being able to shorten the training time and help your people to accelerate their learning process through team building games will ensure your organization's continued growth, prosperity and success.

Executive Edge delivers programs that model your organization's day-to-day activities. Integrating your business models and cultural standards, our leadership development training is designed to produce knowledge that is directly transferable to everyday business situations. Our team building games and leadership development programs allow participants to discover their shared purpose and the knowledge and resources available to them so they can do their job more effectively and efficiently. This results in a more cohesive workforce.