Team Leadership Skills and People Skills
Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
For leadership skills, we create learning laboratories that provide participants with a safe environment where they can practice communication, team building and more to develop effective leadership skills.

Are you all too familiar with these situations?
  • I find it unengaging, uninspiring and difficult to teach and practice management competencies through a textbook, case studies and role-play. How can my employees practice management competencies and engage in management training in real-time situation?
  • Many new hires, usually just out of college, find it difficult to communicate understandably. How can we quickly get them to operate at their full potential and bring out their natural leadership skills?
  • At the beginning of a graduate program we would like the students to build a sense of camaraderie, but also get an introduction to our institution and what they can expect during their studies here. What can we do to make this orientation engaging, fun and inspiring while still orienting them to our institution and their path of study?
The best organizations and graduate schools want to expose their employees and students to as many real world situations as possible. This includes being in and dealing with daily business issues and situations that can help foster leadership skills. This can be accomplished by simulating real-time communication, teaming and leadership issues that will result in a well-rounded employee or graduate.

Executive Edge uses a variety of business scenarios to portray a true work environment. Using experiential learning laboratories participants encounter every-day work situations allowing them to practice communication, teaming and leadership skills, as well as receive management training. With a facilitated debrief, this results in a greater awareness of the participants abilities and areas of needed improvement; creating a more attractive new hire or graduate who value your organizations or value an education at your institution.