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Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building Exercises, Management Training & Leadership Development

Executive Edge, Inc. provides team building exercises for the corporate world. Each team building exercise provides a great way to bring an organization together before, during and after an ERP software installation.

This unique approach to simulating all five stages of an ERP implementation brings together an organization's people, processes, and technology.

We integrate our experiential learning tools and methodologies to create a learning environment in which the internal and external ERP teams combine their knowledge and resources to create a smooth and successful ERP implementation process.

During a team building exercise, we closely mirror all five steps to simulate issues, challenges, and successes that all teams will go through. The result is the creation of a strategy productive collaboration– and a successful ERP implementation throughout the organization.

Consider our team building exercises and activities to make your ERP implementation a success.

Team Building: Build Team Spirit & Teamwork Skills
Identify and leverage personal contributions to team effectiveness
Relationship Building: Form positive connections between the internal and external implementation teams
Build a more collaborative culture
Bridge Performance Gaps and external implementation teams
ERP Installations
Project Launches
Technology Integrations
Team Kick-Starts

 Ideal Site:
Will vary depending on group size and activity selection

 Common Applications:
Annual Meetings
Conference Breaks
Incentive Events
Parties & Celebrations
Sales Meetings
Team Kick-Starts/Re-Starts

 Program Length:
Option 1: 6 meetings of about 4-5 hours each; meeting 1 is a general overview of the ERP process; meetings 4-6 mirror the steps in an ERP implementation
Option 2: Any number of meetings to meet your goals and objectives during the ERP implementation
Option 3: 1 meeting including all or some of the steps in an ERP implementation (4 hours to a full-day)

 Group Size:
Any Size