Team Excellence™
Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
Team Excellence™ accelerates team performance by rapidly building valuable skills for your team's success!

Do you belong to a new or existing team that must quickly achieve peak performance? Does your team suffer from interpersonal issues that stifle communication and hinder productivity?

Teams that must rapidly achieve outstanding results through excellent performance need Team Excellence™!

Teams go through a series of predictable stages before performing to their full potential. Team Excellence™ accelerates this process, quickly moving teams through these stages toward peak performance.

We work with teams of all shapes and sizes; executive teams, project teams, sales teams, virtual teams, any group of people who must maximize their ability to work together. We help them create clear goals, purposeful communication and relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Team Excellence™ is a proven prescription for accelerating team performance. For more than 5 years, Team Excellence has achieved stellar results with hundreds of executives and managers from the U.S. and Internationally!

Rapidly enhance team performance with Team Excellence™!
Buy-in to Common Vision
Team Building:
  • Develop teamwork skills
  • Build rapport, empathy, trust & mutual understanding
  • Leverage individual contributions
  • Knowledge Sharing: Create a common knowledge web
Have fun in interactive, team-based experiences
Safe, Engaging, Fun & Challenging
Appropriate for all physical abilities
All weather guarantee - portable challenges are outdoor or indoor ready

 Ideal Site:
Outdoors: Park/wilderness environment preferred
Indoors: Large indoor space with ceiling at least 35' high and/or overhead girders

 Common Applications:
Executive Teams
New Hire Orientations
Product Launch Teams
Strategic Planning
New Hire Orientations
Team Kick-Starts/Re-Starts

 Program Length:
Half Day or Full Day

 Group Size:
Any Size