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Appreciative Inquiry is a new approach to organizational development that focuses on what works in the organization. It was created by David Cooperrider, a professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

"In its most practical construction, Appreciative Inquiry is a form of organizational study that selectively seeks to locate, highlight, and illuminate what are referred to as the life-giving forces of the organization's existence.
Appreciative Inquiry seeks out the best of "what is" to help ignite the collective imagination of "what might be." The aim is to generate new knowledge which expands the "realm of the possible" and helps members of an organization envision a collectively desired future and to carry forth that vision in ways which successfully translates images of possibility intentions into reality and belief into practice."

-Cooperrider & Whitney

Our experience over the past several years is that the Appreciative Inquiry process can be accelerated, deepened and intensified by integrating structured experiences combined with guided reflective processes (Experiential Learning [EL]) that are imbued with the AI philosophy and embedded into the Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Cycle.*

Experiential Learning that is skillfully integrated into an Appreciative Inquiry literally makes the entire AI process come alive. EL accelerates learning, team building and change processes. In addition, EL rapidly develops rapport, builds empathy, deepens trust and heightens mutual understanding among all stakeholders.*

Executive Edge's team building programs accelerate change by integrating Appreciative Inquiry with Experiential Learning.
  • Enhance team or organizational learning through a series of Experiential Learning activities that:
  • Challenge preconceived notions of "what might be" by locating the best of "what already exists"
  • Demonstrate the power and value of teamwork by highlighting how your team gives life to your company
  • Create opportunities for team or organizational "peak experiences" - real time moments when your entire team or organization "lives" its dreams
  • Provide opportunities to practice continuous improvement by illuminating the underlying principles, core values and exemplary practices that support your team in achieving its "ideal future state"
  • Help the AI process to "come alive" kinesthetically, creeating "muscle memories" of affirmative communal futures

Our book:

Experience AI: A Practitioner's Guide to Integrating Appreciative Inquiry with Experiential Learning

This book was recently completed by Executive Edge's Miriam Ricketts and Jim Willis as an addition to the Taos Institute's Focus Book Series on Appreciative Inquiry (AI).

The book describes the value of integrating AI with Experiential Learning (EL) for inspiring people to reach their greatest potential together.

In the book, Jim and Miriam describe the process for integrating Appreciative Inquiry with EL, provide case studies of programs where AI and EL were successfully integrated and invite you to continue a conversation for future application and development of the concepts.


"I should tell you that the book has been unbelievably useful to me - I have used it for at least six separate client team building processes so far this fall, and it constantly provides me with benchmarks and ways of looking at the process that is ROCK SOLID - both the continuous learning cycle, and the 4-D approach."

Celes Davar
Earth Rhythms

To order your copy go to The Taos Institute or Amazon websites.

AI Open Enrollment Workshop:

Experience AI: Integrating Appreciative Inquiry With Experiential Learning

This 2-day highly interactive workshop shows you how to integrate Experiential Learning models, tools and techniques with Appreciative Inquiry in order to accelerate positive change, motivate teams and individuals, generate buy-in and engage people at all levels. (A 1-day "Introduction to AI" workshop is also available prior to each delivery for those new to Appreciative Inquiry).

For more information about Appreciative Inquiry please contact us or call us at 1-800-632-3343.