The Manager's Quest
Executive Edge, Inc.

Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development

Engagement teams run smoothly only when Project teams are managed well and are in sync with each other. The success of an engagement is predicated on all initiative teams understanding and working in the same direction.

Participants are taken on a Quest; in this case a mountaineering expedition which is a metaphor for an engagement, project, etc... (done at the location of your choice with our inflatable, portable mountain and other activities).

Just as an engagement/project includes several people on initiative teams (whose success is key to the overall success of the engagement) on an expedition many people on climbing teams contribute to the overall success of the expedition.

Your first step in this team building activity is to gather your team together and prepare for the expedition at Base Camp. Your next step is to collect your gear and determine your route. Along the way you will learn new and necessary leadership development skills.

Then you will encounter a mountain- Mount EverQuest. At some point you pass through a challenging glacier.

Interspersed throughout the day are debrief sessions and short, get your attention, questions that will keep you focused on why you are here.

A challenging, fun way to enhance management performance!
Increased understanding and awareness of:
• Project Management
• Team Leadership
Confidence in new & challenging situations
Success through Teaming
Camaraderie and Relationship Building with Peers
Safe, Engaging, Fun & Challenging
Appropriate for all physical abilities
All weather guarantee - portable challenges are outdoor or indoor ready

 Ideal Site:
Outdoors: Open Park/wilderness environment preferred
Indoors: Large indoor space with ceiling at least 35' high

 Common Applications:
Management Development
New Hire Orientations
Sales Meetings
Team Kick-Starts/Re-Starts
Transitioning to Manager

 Program Length:
5 Hours

 Group Size:
Any Size