Corporate Team Building

Executive Edge, Inc.

Corporate Team Building Activities & Leadership Development Training

We inspire your people to work together effectively and efficiently through corporate team building exercises and activities.

Are you all too familiar with these corporate situations?
  • We have our annual meeting coming up and I'm looking for a fun, interactive way to engage the participants, but to also tie in what I'm teaching at the meeting. What can I do to tie in my learning objectives with a fun, creative corporate team building program?
  • Our people only get together for quarterly meetings. What can I do to make these meetings more lively, and still encourage corporate team building?
  • Virtual teams, project teams, task forces. Teams may form, tackle a problem or project and disappear. Some teams get a quick start while others flounder and lag behind. How can I make sure that every team gets started out on the right foot during our corporate team building activity?
Team building means so many different things to people. It can mean building relationships, entertainment programs, learning people skills, leadership skills, leadership development, accelerating change, merging cultures, kicking off new project teams, bridging silos in ERP installations, incorporating different methods or cultures, or literally building teams.

To Executive Edge, Inc., corporate team building means inspiring your people to quickly become highly effective as a team in order to create outstanding results for your organization. Request a custom corporate team building package to create outstanding results for your organization today!

Research shows it takes six times longer to function as an effective, productive team when you haven't had time to meet in-person and share a common experience. Our corporate team building packages can increase your organization's efficiency.

At Executive Edge, we integrate our Team Performance™ Model and current teaming theory into all of our programs. During your experience with us, we will partner with you to discover your needs and give you our recommendations for the perfect corporate team building program(s) for your organization.