Our Approach
Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
Experiential Learning is a client-centered approach to learning that engages individuals in action, reflection, transfer and support. It is rooted in the philosophy that learning is more effective when the whole person is actively involved. Experiential Learning combines experience-based learning (action alone) with reflection (conscious awareness of learning), transfer (application of the learning to different settings), and support (maintenance of the learning over time)*

(*As defined in the DEEP document by leading professionals in the field of Corporate Experiential Learning; including our President, Jim Willis.)

Our role is to design and deliver organizational development programs which reflect the organization's culture, while exposing participants to a whole range of ?solution-finding? situations that challenge assumptions while building mutually beneficial relationships.

In practice this means the design of team projects and exercises which can only be solved through reliance upon others, co-operation, influence and group creativity. Our structured experiences run the gamut from team initiatives and "solution-finding" activities to business simulations, the performing arts, Service Learning and Action Learning.

The experiences are integrated with facilitated and/or self-facilitated reflective processes that help the learners explore what happened during the experience, analyze the patterns that emerged, strategize for the next experience and transfer learning to another environment (work, home, school, etc..)

By leveraging program materials and utilizing our highly skilled, efficient design team, we have been able to champion the "just-in-time" program, making it possible to design and deliver very successful programs with minimal lead time.

Executive Edge's approach to an outstanding program:

Step 1: Initial Needs Assessment
Step 2: High-level proposal with recommendations and suggestions of how we'll meet your goals, outcomes, etc...
Step 3: Upon contracting, initiate design process (may involve creating new material, activities & journals)
Step 4: Review of program design for client approval
Step 5: Test program pilot (If necessary)
Step 6: Evaluate pilot and re-design (If necessary)
Step 7: Program Delivery
Step 8: Evaluation and follow-up

During this entire process we continually assess the program and everything that goes into it. We are flexible in changing, altering, adding, and/or deleting any part of your program at any time during the process.