Emotional Intelligence (EI)
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What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

"There was a time when I thought that brains were everything. That view has dimmed recently. I think brains are important, but now I also look for good team builders, good communicators, courageous people who don't get stuck with an idea. You need people who are more nimble, who have the ability to lead organizations in changing and tumultuous times comfortably, without panicking."

Larry Bossidy
Chairman & CEO, Allied Signal, Inc.

Cognitive Intelligence (measured by IQ) -The ability to learn, understand, remember, reason, apply knowledge and solve problems. -Harold Kaplan (1991)

Emotional Intelligence (measured by EQ) - An array of emotional, personal and social knowledge and abilities which influence one's ability to cope effectively with environmental demands and pressures.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the capacity for recognizing our own emotions and those of others, for motivating ourselves and others, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. Developing competence in Emotional Intelligence results in improved work performance and enhanced organizational effectiveness.

Executive Edge programs which integrate Emotional Intelligence with Experiential Learning increase individual and team awareness of leadership potential and ultimately organizational effectiveness.

Team members will understand and practice EI competencies in the following areas:
  • Self Awareness
    • Emotional Self Awareness
    • Accurate Self- Assessment
    • Self-Confidence
  • Self Management
    • Self-Control
    • Transparency
    • Optimism
    • Adaptability
    • Achievement Orientation
    • Initiative
  • Social Awareness
    • Empathy
    • Organizational Awareness
    • Service Orientation
  • Relationship Management
    • Developing Others
    • Inspirational Leadership
    • Influence
    • Change Catalyst
    • Conflict Management
    • Teamwork & Collaboration