Team Blast!™
Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
Our Most Popular Team Building program; great for Corportate Team Building with large groups.

"Explosive Team Building fun!"

Competitive collaboration is the name of this game. Teams compete for the highest revenues, while sharing knowledge and best practices that heighten overall company earnings - The better the company does, the greater the reward for high scoring teams!

In an energizing atmosphere of music and light, the Team Blast™ begins with a large group Energizer. Then teams select activities and choose a sequence-defining their own level of challenge, while also prioritizing to achieve the highest team earnings.

Teams earn revenue in three ways: 1. Achieving success in the challenges 2. Helping other teams succeed 3. Answering key learning (debrief) questions.

The event ends with a collective debrief and motivating Team Blast closure.

Team Blast Testimonials:

"What an amazing production. Team Blast was a huge success!! My sincere thanks to you on a job well done. The execution of the program was outstanding! It created the perfect environment and energy to kick-off our new culture. It has been the #1 topic of conversation since the team returned to the office."

VP Retail
Fortune 500 Company

"We were looking for a fun, interactive program that was customized to achieve our University's learning objectives for exploring student-faculty-staff teamwork in action. In addition, we wanted students to observe and practice leadership skills in a highly interactive and structured program.
Thank you for bringing Team Blast to our University! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Center for the Development of Leadership Skills
Top University in NE US
Team Building: Build Team Spirit & Identify personal contributions to team effectiveness
Relationship Building: Form positive connections between co-workers
Energizing: Boost morale with fun team experiences
Skill Building: Develop Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Team Creativity Skills
Safe, Engaging, Fun & Challenging
Appropriate for all physical abilities
All weather guarantee - portable challenges are outdoor or indoor ready

 Ideal Site:
Outdoors: Large outdoor space with 2 tables per team; Sound System; Stage
Indoors: Large Room with 2 tables per team; Sound & Light System; Stage

 Common Applications:
Annual Meetings
Sales Meetings
Incentive Events
Meeting Energizer
Milestone Celebrations
New Hire Orientations
Product Launches
Recruiting Events
Team Building

 Program Length:
4 - 5 Hours

 Group Size:
Minimum: 50 people
Maximum: Any Number