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Executive Edge, Inc.
Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
We collaborate with organizations to design and deliver customized corporate training programs.

Are you all too familiar with these situations?
  • I want to create a brand-new, cutting-edge program, something no other organization has ever done and roll it out throughout our organization. Can you help our management design a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind learning program with activities? YES we can.
  • We want to do a team building event with our organization. Our management's goals and learning objectives were not listed in your information. Can you accommodate our needs? YES we can.
  • We are looking to incorporate our management theories into an experiential training program. Can we collaborate to design a program that is unique to our organization? YES we can.
To truly collaborate in a program design, all stakeholders must fully understand the program's scope. This can only be accomplished through close collaboration and needs assessments.

Executive Edge uses a consultative approach to research your organization, program and learning objectives, goals, mission, vision, and outcomes. When then partner with you to create a program unique to your organization.

Our process:

Step 1: Needs Assessment including conversations with our client
Step 2: Recommendations and suggestions of how we'll meet your goals, outcomes, etc...
Step 3: Design process (may involve creating new material, activities & journals)
Step 4: Review Draft
Step 5: (If necessary) Test program pilot
Step 6: (If necessary) Evaluate pilot and re-design
Step 7: Program Delivery
Step 8: Evaluation and follow-up until next delivery or follow-up program

During this entire process we continually assess the program and everything that goes into it. We are flexible in changing, altering, added, deleting any part of your program anytime during the process.

We want to partner with you from start to finish to create and deliver an outstanding program.

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