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Corporate Team Building, Teamwork, Management Training & Leadership Development
Executive Edge, Inc. is a consulting firm that designs experiences to promote corporate team building, teamwork, employee motivation and success in organizations. We have 16 years of experience delivering customized experiential and adventure-based training programs. We consistently author new and exciting program designs that raise the bar on corporate experiential learning and leadership development.

What is the key to organizational success?
How do you outperform your competition?

Your PEOPLE and their ability to work together to create extraordinary results.

Are you all too familiar with these situations?
  • We've done everything in the corporate team building book yet some teams just can't get it together. How do we consistently kick-start all teams into high performance?
  • It seems like leaders only emerge to put out fires. How can we empower people at all levels to become proactive leaders?
  • We recruit the best talent from the best schools, but they have no idea about real collaboration, professional relationships and producing on real work teams. How can we quickly get them on board?
  • Our off-site meetings are tedious and uninspiring. It seems all we do is sit glued in our seats and listen to people talk all day. How can we better use this time not only to meet, but to also align and motivate our people?
Gallup research shows that sustainable growth and profitability in organizations depend on an increasing customer base. Engaged people are key to keeping loyal customers. And the key to engaging and retaining people lies in the relationships they develop at work.

The best investment your company can make is to help your people at all levels to think and interact better with colleagues and customers.

Executive Edge has the expertise and tools to inspire your people. Since 1989, we have been helping some of the most successful organizations in the world to engage people, empower leaders and accelerate corporate team building & teamwork development.